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If this world is wearing thin,
and you’re thinking of escape,
I’ll go anywhere with you,
just wrap me up in chains,
but if you try to go alone,
don’t think I’ll understand

Stay with me,
stay with me

In the silence of your room,
in the darkness of your dream,
you must only think of me,
there can be no in-between,
when your pride is on the floor,
I’ll make you beg for more

Stay with me,
stay with me

You’d better hope and pray,
that you make it safe,
back to your own world.
You’d better hope and pray,
that you’ll wake one day,
in your own world

‘Cause when you sleep at night,
they don’t hear your cries,
in your own world,
only time will tell,
if you can break the spell,
back in your own world

Stay with me,
stay with me
stay, stay with me,
stay, stay, stay, stay, stay,
stay with me


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Suzana Janačković Živković
Tehnolog. Bloger. Voli knjige, muziku, filmove i web design. Piše poeziju. Uređuje Tragove. BITNO joj je veoma bitno. U slobodno vreme ... šta to beše slobodno vreme?

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